Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Steel Fabricator

Steel is the most favoured choice for building in commercial, industrial and residential sector. In order for your project to go smoothly from start to finish, you need to select the right steel fabricator. So, take your time and consider who you want to collaborate with.

Here are five factors that you must take into account when looking for a steel fabrication company to work with.

# Capabilities and range of services

If you want to partner with a fabrication company that will take care of every aspect of your project, you need to find out their competencies. Do not hesitate to discuss your project in detail so that you can get a clear idea whether they can handle everything, from sketches and engineer’s details to manufacture, installation and delivery. It is always best to work with a full service fabrication company that offers expertise in multiple fields and has a deeper understanding of the steel industry.

# Experience

Finding out the experience of a company is crucial when choosing a service in any industry. This process requires you to do a bit of research of your own. Do not shy away from asking potential fabricators a lot of question. When considering the experience level of a steel fabrication company, your key areas of focus must be:

● The way the company runs its day-to-day operations

● The knowledge of industry regulations and codes

● The projects that they have worked in the past, especially those that are similar to your project

● The reputation that the company enjoys and for this, you can read reviews or ask for references

● The level of communication that the company is comfortable with

# Past Projects

One of the best ways to decide if the steel fabricator is perfect for your project is by looking at the completed projects that the company has worked before. Quality of work is probably the principal indicator of the proficiency of the fabricator. So, do remember to set aside time to go through the portfolio of the fabrication company. The things that you must look out for are the type of projects that they have worked, the time they took to complete it and the quality.

# Communication skills

Generally, the top fabricators are also great communicators. It is in articulation that experience manifests. As mentioned-above, do ask the fabricator a lot of question and before giving them the responsibility of your project, ensure that you do not have any doubts. Also, choose fabricators who are willing to listen to you and offers suggestions. The fabricators who are willing to support you throughout the process are the ones who you must trust.

# Costs

Making your selection purely based on cost is a little precarious and your decision must be influenced by all the other factors mentioned above. However, you obviously cannot completely ignore the cost. So, get fabrication quote from several companies and compare them against all the other factors. You might come across companies who are offering inexpensive services, but at the quality of work is inferior. So, take into consideration the company’s experience, expertise and quality of work, along with the cost. Your aim must be to get the highest standard of work at economical rates. The things that you have to remember when it is about cost are:

● If the fabricator is willing to negotiate

● If they have an understanding of the industry standards and how they work around them

● If they are actively looking for ways to reduce the costs

● If they include installation and delivery charges in their price quote

If you are searching for steel fabricators, keep in mind the 5 above-mentioned factors and always remember that the standard of quality is paramount. Let the other factors revolve around quality, especially cost.

Plasma Cutter For Sale – Safety Tips For Safe Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is highly efficient and easy way of welding but it comes with lot of hazards like emission of poisonous gases, UV rays, excessive consumption of electricity, etc. This process requires proper precautions and safety wear to accomplish it in effective manner without any harm or damage. In this article we are discussing few safety factors that you must keep in mind before starting plasma cutting welding.

• Fire hazards

The plasma cutting arc produces sparks and heat especially during the initial piercing of the metal. Therefore, it is important to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from its hazardous impacts. Moreover, face helmet with safety glasses are required to increase the protection level. To protect your body from the hot metal and flying sparks you should also wear flame-resistant clothing and gloves. The clothes are made of woven materials like leather, heavy denim etc. that play well in providing good protection. Avoid wearing cuffed pants because it can easily catch the spark and increase the risk of fire. High-top leather shoes and boots are recommended to use for best foot protection.

• Keep the surrounding free from flammable materials

The heat and sparks can ignite the flammable material spread over the welding area and lead to fire accident. Therefore it is advised to keep all the flammable things away from the cutting area to minimize the chance of any mishap. Keep the fire extinguisher in your reach so that you can easily use it if any fire related problem arises.

• Dim the lights

Arc rays can produce intense rays that can burn the cornea of your eye and also leave negative impacts on the skin. Proper clothing can help in protecting your skin but your eyes need extra protection which is provided by the face shield or safety glasses fitted with correct lenses shades. To determine the proper lenses shade you need to check the amperage capability of your machine.

• Proper ventilation

Metal cutting can produce fumes and gases that cause breathing problems and health hazards. You should keep your head out from the fumes and do not breath them. Therefore it is important that place where you want to do welding should be fully ventilated for the proper supply of air.

Filling Machines in High Demand in The Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry across the globe is developing at a fast pace and generating profits like never before. The companies operating in this sector sell drugs that are generic and also those that are branded. The industry manufacturers quality medicines that can be used by consumers to cure various illnesses. Hi-tech machinery is used by firms in this domain to develop drugs, store them and market them to the end users. There are many machine manufacturers that design and sell machinery that can be used by Pharma companies. Some of the machines that are produced by these firms include filling machines – liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, bottle filling machine etc, sealing machines, screw capping machines, sticker labeling machines, among many others. Many pharmaceutical firms have partnership with filling machine manufacturers who provide them superior quality machines to inject liquid and powder in tablets and bottles etc.

Filling machines are majorly used for filling ointment, paste, cream, gel and other such products into the tubes or bottles. Most of the filling and sealing machines work automatically. They have a vertical dosing system and are fully enclosed. They also comprise of a saddle fold, multi color filling, indexer, gas flushing. They have a compact design and are easy to operate. They are controlled electronically but some manual work is also required sometimes. Tube is sealed, cleaned and ejected automatically through these machines. A hot air system is used for closing the tube and also for ejecting it.

The machine manufacturers make sure that the machines they produce are of premium quality and deliver powerful performance and excellence. They also provide after sales customer service to their patrons so that if they face any issues related to the functioning of the machine, they can easily get it solved. These machines come in budget-friendly prices so you don’t have to spend a bomb to purchase them. When buying a filling machine, make sure that the manufacture has good reputation in the market and all their customers are satisfied with the products they sell. Also, do a complete check of the quality of the machine you wish to buy. Filling machines are also used in the cosmetic industry to inject creams and gels into the tubes. Chemical, Ayurvedic, Pesticide industries and many other such industries also make use of these machines to fill the required amount of lotions and creams into boxes, tubes, tablets, etc.

Franking Machines For Your Business

Today most of the businesses are well aware of the importance of allowing existing and potential customers know about their products or services. When firms primarily start, they usually send out all their mails via a conventional postage stamp system and most probably purchase the whole book in advance.

However, there are certain issues with this way; first of all, the set values of stamps signify that chances are that you might have to overpay for the postage. You will have to weigh each letter or parcel individually and then verify the corresponding postal fee. Besides this, it is essential to manually keep record of how much amount you are splurging and what amount of stamps you have used. However, this may seem easy and manageable if there is only some handful of letters or parcels to be sent. This becomes arduous, time consuming and expensive with the increase in the number.

The best solution to avoid all such problems is a franking machine. The machine can eliminate the constant back and forth to the post office, provides the real-time account keeping and has the extra benefit of offering brand awareness – as your organization name and logo can be printed together with the postage frank on each and every letter or parcel.

It may appear to many of you that these franking machines are the realm of large business companies, however today franking machines are cost-effective for companies with just few employees, and even traders can save considerably on postage by franking rather than buying the set of stamps from post office.

The nifty machines work precisely by weighing the letter or parcel and then calculating the cost as per the destination. Franking machines are available in various shapes and sizes ranging from the simple manual models to the large automated machines. Some of them even perform a function of sealing-and-stacking but while it is potential to purchase a machine, it appears to be a more popular option to rent one and pay a monthly fee. This will usually consist of some sort of maintenance and service contract and it also means that it is simple to upgrade.

Businesses that seek a franking machine must first acquire a license from Royal Mail; the supplier of the franking machine generally obtains this on behalf of the patron, and once it is obtained other rules do subsist. For instance, the machine must only use the red ink; it must be in the good working condition; it must generate a readable impression that consists of the date of posting, and the right postage amount.

What You Need to Know About Gas Holders

When we talk about gas holders, we are not talking about a small gas holder you can use within your home, in your caravan or on your boat, we are talking about the large storage tanks which can be placed outside the home to store gas or in larger tanks which can be seen around the world where gas is stored until needed.

If you are still unsure what gas holders are, you may recognise them from another name used, which is gasometer. Interestingly what you may not know is that gas holders actually date back to the Victorian times and are referenced from the early to mid 1800’s. They were designed to store large volumes of gas and things haven’t changed much, gas holders are still being used to store gas today, in a similar design to what they used all those centuries ago.

Further, the first telescopic gas holder was designed built in 1824 and that was in Leeds, in the United Kingdom. The bigger of the gas holders can store up to a staggering two million cubit feet of gas, can you imagine how much gas that really is. To give you an idea, it is more than enough to supply two thousand four hundred homes over a full twenty four hour periods, maybe even longer depending on consumption.

When it comes to gas holders, there are some very important factors to take into consideration, such as the company you purchase from, their reputation, their turnaround times and delivery periods. The best method is to follow some simple steps to ensure you choose the best gas holder manufacturer and supplier to meet your particular gas storage needs.

Go online and do some research into gas holder manufacturers and suppliers. Choose a minimum of three companies that will supply to your area and you feel has the best names in the industry. The reason you want at least three companies is that you are going to rehears each one and then compare them to find one you feel most comfortable purchasing from.

Buying a gas holder is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, it’s an exceptionally serious matter as you need to know the holder is made from strong and durable material to provide the safest storage for your gas. So with the three companies in front of you, you want to take a few minutes and go through each ones website with a fine tooth comb to learn as much as you can about the company and the products that they manufacture and supply.

With that accomplished and still feeling confident in all companies, you can do some additional research to identify what clients feel about their experience with the company Now don’t rely on the reviews you find on their website alone, rather take a few extra minuses and do your own online research, reading through independent review sites to get honest feedback. This can help you narrow down your short list to one or two companies.

Now you can take a look at delivery times and also if the company provides an installation service. Ideally you want a supplier that will install the gas holder to a high standard that you can trust. These professionals deal with these products daily, so they know what is needed to provide you with a safe and highly effective gas holder.

With that in mind, you can now look at price. Price should never be your deciding factor unless you are still trying to decide between two suppliers

How do Gravity Separators Work?

Before moving to how a gravity separator works, let us understand what a gravity separator is. A gravity separator is used for the separation of any kind of kernel and granular product of almost identical size but with different weights. The gravity separator is utilised when the limits of air-aspiration systems and screening are reached.

In the separation process, there are two main stages: Stratification and Separation

  • Stratification:All separators have an inlet with an adjustable feed rate. The material is fed onto the gravity separator’s reciprocating grading deck, which has a special woven wire mesh surface. All granular products are passed through the inlet. For extremely fine products, a special fabric deck is used.
  • Separation:Due to the reciprocating motion of the inclined deck the heavy product will walk uphill to the highest side, whilst the lighter product will drift down towards the low side. Simple adjustments can be made in the end tilt/side tilt/deck speed and volume of air passed through the product while the machine is still running. This will dictate the nature of separation and throughput. Making adjustments while the machine is still in use is easy and simple. This enables a combination of control adjustments to result in a very fine separation at the end of the machine, where the split will be made with adjustable knives or sliding chutes.

Gravity separators find extensive application in agriculture. They are used for removal of impurities, insect damage, admixture and immature kernels from wheat, barley, oilseed, rape, peas, beans, cocoa beans and linseed. They can be used to separate and standardize coffee beans, cocoa beans, peanuts, corn, peas, rice, wheat, sesame and other food grains.Gravity separators are used to remove viable or valuable components from the recycling mixture i.e.: metal from plastic, rubber from plastic, different grades of plastic, and these valuable materials are further recycled and reutilized.

The types and application of gravity separators are vast. There are so many advantages and uses of gravity separators. From granular products to heavy liquids, a gravity separator can help in effective separation.

Spectrum Industries is one such gravity separator machine manufacturers, exporters & suppliers.

Key Advantages of Using Plasma Cutters in Industrial Applications

Plasma cutter is one of the most effective tools which have been used by most of the industries for cutting different types of metals. Heavy metals and alloys require specialized treatment to get perfect cutting in the desired shape and size. It is very difficult to complete this task with manual tools therefore they are extensively used as a better alternative.

Plasma cutters

They were extensively used to cut and join the aircraft parts during the time of Second World War. The cutter uses the compressed gas and high voltage electric arc for cutting different types of metals. They come in different sizes, ranging from small to large ones. Moreover, there are small portable plasma cutters available at different online stores. The small hand-held are beneficial for cutting conductive metals with a thickness of half an inch. On the other hand, large one are used to cut through metal of 2 inches of thickness. Nowadays, cutters are completely controlled by the computers which are known as CNC cutting machines.

Benefits of plasma cutter

Here we are going to discuss the key advantages of using it

  • Portability

Earlier, plasmas come in big sizes but today you can find them in a variety of sizes and shapes. Hand-held cutters are portable ones which can be easily purchased from the trusted online stores at affordable price.

  • Precision

One of the biggest benefits of using plasma is its impeccable precision and accuracy work. As most of them are connected with CNC machines so they can be used to cut the metals in desired shape in an efficient way.

  • Power consumption

As compared to others plasma consumes less power. This is well-known advantage of using these cutters to reap its benefits.

  • Smooth edges

It play well in providing smooth edges after cutting metals and pipes and are also used for other purposes like artistic work on metals, fabrication of metals, etc. They are used to cut the pipes to provide smooth edges. Smooth edges of the pipes help in their easy installation and fitting.

If you are also looking to buy the plasma cutter or welding machines then you easily buy them online from reliable online stores at most affordable price. It doesn’t matter you want to buy it for industrial or domestic uses you can easily buy them through online stores.

How to Find a Cheap Laser Machine?

Lasers are really delicate machines and you while you are looking for a budget friendly one you must make sure that you do not purchase cheap imports. They are quite complicated machines because they break easily and soon need repairs. However you have to make sure that the company or brand you are purchasing from is a reputable one and offers great after sales warranty. Thus, rather than having specific companies reviewed or even the machines offered by them this article is going to highlight the things you should think about and look for when buying the machine. Here are the following ways mentioned below that shall help you find an economical gleam instrument.

Choosing it on the basis of power

On the basis of power a cheap laser machine can be purchased. This is an important factor to be kept in mind because the more the strength the more shall be the price. Hence, to find a cheap laser machine you must have a look at the power specification. Usually the strength is measured in watts. When there are more watts the power is subsequently more. You can thus go and purchase an instrument which is considered for light weight objects and the power usually thirty watts. On the online stores you shall easily find the Metal Engraving instrument that uses fiber optics. This kind of a machine is capable of seven thousand millimeters of fine engraving. You can also find instruments with a power of twenty watts

Size of the machine bed

When looking for a find a cheap laser machine you must always seek to buy as per the size of the bed. When you buy an instrument with a smaller bed as opposed to a bigger one the price charged is more. Hence, if you are someone who needs the instrument for doing small things and making laser cuts o jewelry then one must go for machines that have a smaller bed. Some instruments have a fixed bed while some have a flexible one that goes down and up. Smaller bed machines are ideal for engraving on stainless steel, printing of bar codes on metal plates and small scale metal engraving done in jewelry shops.

No water chiller and compact

Always go for instruments that use fiber optics because you shall not need water chiller which saves loads of money on your part. This is because everything is air cooled with the help of a fan. The work of art is also much better. Some machines need water chiller of a high quality otherwise the work quality cannot be ensured. Also, this kind of a machine is portable enough and the system has designs that are compact. A laptop can be used as a center for commands for controlling the artwork and the designs.

Other things to be kept in mind

You must always buy instruments that have user friendly software and are compatible with other software, so that artwork that is complicated can be handled. When such an instrument is being purchased make sure that the software in it is capable of handling raster and vector graphics all at the same frame of time. Lastly, it must support many kinds of files and the working table’s height also has to be adjustable enough.

Reasons Industries Need of Powder Flow Testing & Measurement Equipment

In industries, there is a need for testing the powder flow and for that, tap test tools are used in the labs. These tools are widely used for the measurement and testing of the pharmaceutical powders. They are used for knowing the powder flow properties. The equipment itself is known as the tap density meter. The equipment used for the measurement and testing of powder flow is used for the research and the development of entirely alter establishments. This is the factor which makes it one of the most efficient tools for compressibility.

To measure the density and volume of a pharmaceutical powder, this tool is used. This tool serves a very specific purpose and that purpose is differentiating between the property of flow and the property of powder’s compressibility. There was a time in history when the testing was performed. There were very high chances that the test will fail. So, in order to reduce the possibilities of certain errors, scientists introduced the rheometer. Powder rheometer performs different types of measurements without failure at a very different level and range. There are a lot of different ways in which a person can find the measurements of tap density and also use the tap test tool.

There are certain instruments that work to categorize the powder without any difficulty. Moreover, there is a probability that they will find the tap density without any error. Tap density measurement was never this easy. To test the powder compressibility, powder rheometer is used. It is something that helps in observing the powder’s rheology more vividly. It works as a flow tester. We can call tap density a remainder of the powder’s volume and its density. There have been instances when the volume or density has been mistaken, which later result in the whole measurement going south. So, it is important to make sure that everything is specific. The tap density results in the packaging’s harmony and it is used to perform the derivation of packaging dimensions of the pharmaceutical powder.

There is another instrument that can be used to observe and measure the bulk density and that is the auto tap tool. The size of the tool is very compact. The body of the tool contains two cylinders that rotate on their axis. With the help of the appropriate taps, the cylinders find out the powder’s tap density and the best part is that after a certain point, the process stops.

Another instrument that can be used is the Granupack. It helps in findi

Installation And Maintenance of Industrial Chillers

When you buy industrial chillers, it needs careful considerations of many aspects.

Right from the delivery of appropriate cooling facility to operational efficiency and cooling capacity to high performance; you need to check everything.

Once you procure the best product from one of the reputed industrial chiller manufacturers, do not think that your responsibility is over.

The installation and maintenance of industrial chillers is not an easy thing. The throughput depends on many factors.

Once you decide the cooling capacity specifications, it is high time to understand what is required for a successful installation?

Specs of the process pump

When you want the appropriate pump for the chiller, a thorough review is essential. From process cooling fluid rate flow to pressure reading and pump efficiency to thermostat performance, there are several parameters to be checked.

A wide range of flow rate and pressure capabilities are the characteristics of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

If the pump is to be used to determine the in-line filtration of the cooling fluid, then you should consider the manufacturer first.

In large applications where high flow rare and high pressure is expected, you may need a pressure-relief bypass for additional safety.

A fluid bypass ensures that there is no damage due to the occlusion in the flow path of the chiller fluid. Also, it adjusts the inline pressure to the cooling application by doing a fine adjustment.

When you call one of the seasoned industrial chiller manufacturers, you should specify the requirement well. Don’t forget to include the periodic maintenance of the bypass while signing the contract.

When you install the chiller, placement is important

According to industry experts, it is very much important to choose the right place for installing an industrial chiller.

  • Proximity, installation quality and integration to the condenser application determine the process performance.
  • The heat loss should be kept minimal by using right insulation tubes and pipes.
  • Always keep the minimal bands in the flow circuit.
  • Use pipes of appropriate diameter.
  • While designing the fluid flow path, choose one that offers the lowest external fluid volume and efficient length.
  • Connectors and pipes should avoid flow restriction in the fluid.
  • Insulate the piping, tubing, adapters, and connectors well.
  • Choose the right cooling medium.

The more efficient is your installation, the better the performance is. Also, you should maintain the chiller well to get relentless performance year after year.