Plasma Cutter For Sale – Safety Tips For Safe Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is highly efficient and easy way of welding but it comes with lot of hazards like emission of poisonous gases, UV rays, excessive consumption of electricity, etc. This process requires proper precautions and safety wear to accomplish it in effective manner without any harm or damage. In this article we are discussing few safety factors that you must keep in mind before starting plasma cutting welding.

• Fire hazards

The plasma cutting arc produces sparks and heat especially during the initial piercing of the metal. Therefore, it is important to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from its hazardous impacts. Moreover, face helmet with safety glasses are required to increase the protection level. To protect your body from the hot metal and flying sparks you should also wear flame-resistant clothing and gloves. The clothes are made of woven materials like leather, heavy denim etc. that play well in providing good protection. Avoid wearing cuffed pants because it can easily catch the spark and increase the risk of fire. High-top leather shoes and boots are recommended to use for best foot protection.

• Keep the surrounding free from flammable materials

The heat and sparks can ignite the flammable material spread over the welding area and lead to fire accident. Therefore it is advised to keep all the flammable things away from the cutting area to minimize the chance of any mishap. Keep the fire extinguisher in your reach so that you can easily use it if any fire related problem arises.

• Dim the lights

Arc rays can produce intense rays that can burn the cornea of your eye and also leave negative impacts on the skin. Proper clothing can help in protecting your skin but your eyes need extra protection which is provided by the face shield or safety glasses fitted with correct lenses shades. To determine the proper lenses shade you need to check the amperage capability of your machine.

• Proper ventilation

Metal cutting can produce fumes and gases that cause breathing problems and health hazards. You should keep your head out from the fumes and do not breath them. Therefore it is important that place where you want to do welding should be fully ventilated for the proper supply of air.